Raw Food Recipes – Ebook


In this booklet, I have created a five-day meal plan with recipes and groceries a list attached. Feel free to add any raw items or fruits and vegetables you love to consume. There is no right or wrong, as long as you are keeping it raw and uncooked.

Thank you for being interested in your health and in creating something new for yourself. i, myself, am always looking for ways to be better and be healthier, i am so happy to have you join. i am excited to support one another in this raw vegan food challenge and i cannot wait to see all the meals you create. i don’t eat fully raw and thought this would be agreat way to support one another in learning something new and trying something different. i would absolutely love to see your creations. if and when you take photos, please tag me in them or dm me, i’ll post it to my stories. you can hashtag #sfgrawchallenge as well.


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