This is where I will share the names of places I have visited that you can eat while traveling. These places ARE plant Based or that have Plant-based options.

St. Louis, Missouri

What an awesome city. People were friendly, talkative, and very helpful! I can’t wait to go back and spend a little more time exploring the city and eating through a few of the spots I wasn’t able to get to.

What an awesome city. People were friendly, talkative, and very helpful! I can’t wait to go back and spend a little more time exploring the city and eating through a few of the spots I wasn’t able to get to.

Confluence Kombucha (St. Louis)

I had the pleasure of meeting Executive chef and master brewer William Thomas Pauley, the day I came in. This spot is small in size, but bright, open, and comfortable seating. it screams good vibes as you walk in. They have homemade, fresh brewed Kombucha on tap, a few really great flavors. The menu is mostly Plant based other than two or three items. The way the food is created and thought up is truly creative and innovative. There is so much thought that goes into each dish. I was in a hurry, so I ordered my food to go, and while I waited, I sipped some of the tasty and fresh Kombucha. Everything is made fresh to order. Before putting the lid on the Togo bowl I got, William explained all the ingredients and how to eat the dish I got. I got the Cushaw Squash, and IT was delightful!! It had so much flavor and the cashew brie was out of this world. For him to take the time to explain the ingredients and how they work well together, to me, meant he really cares about what you’re ingesting into your body.

Oh my gosh, I also got the coconut yogurt. I can’t even begin to explain how divine the yogurt was! I was really feeling the need for some healthy probiotics and creamy yogurt and it is just what I got!! It was think, creamy, and tart, JUST the way I like. I could taste the freshness and love.

I also got the Sunchoke Kimchi and a side of the Chickpea Tofu. These were things I had NEVER had and am so glad I got to try them.

I would definitely recommend this place to anyone in the St. Louis area. stop in and try what Kombucha flavors of the day they have on tap. Say hi to William if he’s in, he is super friendly and has a beautiful light to share.

Heres their Info:
Monday – Saturday 11 – 9,  Sunday 11 – 3 (closed Christmas day and New Year’s day)
4507 Manchester Avenue
St. Louis, MO

Tree House (St. Louis)

What a quaint and friendly spot. I came here one night for dinner, by myself. The wait staff was wonderful. I had some questions about gluten free eating and they were so responsive to my needs. The food was so good and I wanted to come back to try their brunch. Next time I am in the area I will, the breakfast bagel and tomato lox sounded so yum.

I had the Arepas, which was south american corn cakes topped with fried plantain, venezuelan guacamole and a choice of queso fresco or house-made vegan cheese. I also enjoyed the Banh Xeo, which is a rice flour and coconut milk crepe with wild mushrooms, mung bean sprouts, and charred onions; served with fresh greens, herbs and vegan fish sauce. Homemade vegan fish sauce, they took the time to create this!! I was stuffed, but I couldn’t leave without getting some sort of sweet bite! So, I got the truffles, all three were coated in different ingredients, walnut, coffee grinds, and chili flakes. I would recommend this spot for some healthy, nice, and enjoyable dining. Check out the brunch and let me know whats up!!

Monday: Closed, Tues – Thurs 10 AM – 3 PM, 5 -10 PM

3177 South Grand Blvd.
(314) 696-2100

LuLu’s Local Eatery (St. Louis)

Comfort food. Feel Good food. Food thats good for the environment. I really liked this spot. You walk up to the front and order, then they give you a number to take back to your table. I was reading the menu online and THEY HAD ME AT PULLED JACKFRUIT NACHOS!!! I couldn’t resist the want and need for those! I am gluten free myself, so I couldn’t eat the Cauliflower or sweet potato Falafel, which have organic wheat flour but my friend had them and said they were delicious. Lulu’s Chili and the Carnitas tacos were bomb as well. Many options for a gluten free vegan. I was full and happy. Check it out and see how sustainable and wonderful these peeps are!

Here is their information:
3201 S Grand Ave St. Louis, MO 63118
314-300-8215 Monday – Saturday 11:30am-9pm, Closed Sunday