Keep checking back, I will always update and put more gadgets as I find the time.

In order to be set up for successful and health eating and living, your kitchen matters. The utensils and gadgets in your kitchen can make or break the ease and comfort of cooking and baking! If you would have asked me in 2009, when I made the transition into healthier and more conscious eating, I would have probably told you to skimp by without a Vitamix or other high speed blender, because they’re expensive. Today, I would 100% recommend making a few investments.  There are also things that just make chopping, storing, and mixing easier too. I know it can seem a little overwhelming on where to start, so here are some things I use in my kitchen if you need a guide!  Don’t feel the need to get everything at once, just buy as you see fit. I would recommend a food processor and high speed blender ASAP though, it will seriously change your life when it comes to making sauces, dips, butters, protein balls, desserts, and much much more!

Pots and Pans


In 2009, I found myself slightly struggling to make the switch to a more conscious lifestyle. Back then, there weren’t as many options as there are today! I found myself at the grocery store for countless hours looking for brands that were vegan, tediously reading ingredient & nutrition labels, trying to find recipes, and knowing what sort of kitchen utensils to use. for example, is a high speed blender actually worth the 100’s of dollars?? YES!! It was hard back then, because I was the only person I knew transitioning into a vegan lifestyle. I felt alone, I was sort of hungry a lot, or eating the same meal of beans and rice, because I knew they were safe. I had no clue where to begin. I KNOW THAT FEELING ALL TOO WELL.

When I made the decision to get certified in health coaching and make it a career, I realized it was because I was so passionate to do whatever I could in my power to help others and to be a support system to those looking for help making “the change.” I DON’T want you to have to feel that way. Luckily, because I did so much research back then and I continually do research on a daily basis, you can be assured that, at least some of that ground work, has been taken care of by myself. Sure, you will still have moments of feeling “stumped” or “the unknown,” but for the most part, thats what I am here for. Ask me questions, work with me, and read my posts. I have basically created this tab to give you a more in depth view of Brands and products that I use myself and can stand by. I have even added highlighted links that will take you straight to the company page so you don’t have to go into your browser looking.

I hope this section helps, there will be separate tabs where you can find reviews on Food brands, Kitchen tools (Some of them are must have, others just things I use and enjoy), Beauty products that are certified & natural, and Household cleaning items. Because I like to be so thorough in my research, many of the brands I have either contacted and spoken to over email, phone, or met in person. I enjoy connecting with brands and asking questions about their products, discovering why they are passionate about the brand, and hearing their stories mission.  Also, anytime I get ahold of a brand, sometimes they will give me a code for my peeps, because they’re so excited to connect as well as give you a little deal for trying them out. So always check and see if I have placed a code in the review as well, you never know, and a deal is always awesome! Am I right??

Please let me know if you have any questions or requests, AND above all, how I can be of service to you.

xx, Stephie B