If you are feeling isolated, overwhelmed, and looking to create a more positive home environment.

If you are looking to incorporate better healthy routines and practices at home, such as, better nutrition, immunity, stress relief, and physical movement, this virtual retreat is for you.

If we are going to remain contained at home, Let’s make the best of What we have to work with and create a safe, comfortable, and healing environment for ourselves. Always looking to Reach Higher in life & towards our goals and health.

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Create a Sacred Space at home:

  • Ground and strengthen your body through Yoga.

  • Calm and explore your mind with meditation.

  • Gain Clarity with goal & intention setting for the 2021 we are stepping into.

  • Learn how to create your own self care with Guasha massage, you can even use this with your loved ones.

  • Soothe stress and tension -feel relaxation for your nervous system through Sound healing.

  • Acquire new recipes and kitchen knowledge through Raw plant based cooking classes on Saturday & Sunday.

  • Gain knowledge through health and nutrition talks.

  • Release negativity and Build abundance through sharing with other likeminds.

  • Celebrate through a cacao ceremony and release anything that doesn’t serve you anymore.

  • Experience the magic of Fire dancing.

Your Weekend Adventure starts with moving your body in a soothing and strengthening manner

Physical Activities


Dance/ Movement

Nature walk with self for reflection

Join The Retreat



From the comfort and safety of your own home.

We will work together to create a warm and comfortable space, as well as getting to create a new routine at home that can be used during the weekend and throughout the year.

If we are going to be at home more and more, we should have a place of sanctuary where we feel our mind can rest and feel assured in health and wellness.


At a destination retreat you often have home cooked meals, to keep this alive, we will have a cooking class each day where we will make our food at home and gain proper nutrition.
A meal plan for the weekend will be included as well, for those looking for further guidance on how to set up and fuel themselves for the weekend.


Have you ever wanted to experience fire dancing?

Fire dancing, fire performance, or fire twirling, is an art of manipulating fire by using different tools alongside dancing in a specific sequence. It is entertaining, special, and will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Healing quality of Sound bowl integration?

Allow your nervous system to relax and allow your mind and body to receive special hertz frequencies to bring calm and positivity to your life. Everything in our universe is constantly in motion, and at our core, we are a vibration seeking harmony with the environment within and around us. Come to understand your unique connection with everything around you through sound.

Relax and realign as Danielle guides you through the phases of the moon, a restorative meditation, and an immersive sound bath with Himilayan Singing Bowls, Gongs and other sacred sounds.

Singing bowls have been used in the Himalayan Valley and other regions for around 2500 years. The idea behind them is simple, illness at its most basic level is a manifestation of dis-harmony within the body. Because all matter is energy vibrating at different rates, by altering the rate of vibration we can change the structure of matter. Sound from Tibetan Singing Bowls and other ancient instruments engage the brain into a Theta state inducing deep meditative and peaceful states (common during meditation and sleep). The vibrations affect our nervous system, engaging relaxation and inhibiting stress. All parts of your body possess a different resonant frequency and when part of the body is vibrating “out of tune” or non-harmoniously, it is called “dis-ease”. A body is in a healthy state when each cell resonates in harmony with the whole being.

What is Gua Sha?

Gua sha is the Chinese word for scraping. You use a tool to apply pressure and scrape the skin to relieve pain and tension. According to traditional Chinese medicine,  Qi or chi is the name of energy flowing through the body. When Qi/chi is blocked, there is a belief that it can lead to tensions in muscles and joints. It is believed that if Qi/chi is balanced and flowing, it leads to better health and wellness. Gua Sha can help with balancing the body’s energy flow and overall health. Practitioners have claimed that Gua Sha can also benefit the immune system and reduce inflammation, it could even, quite possibly, be used to treat a cold, fever, or lung issues. 

What is Meditation?

Meditation is a mental exercise that trains attention and awareness. It can often curb reactivity to one’s negative thoughts and feelings, which, though they may be disturbing and upsetting and hijack attention from moment to moment, are invariably fleeting. It’s impossible for thoughts to disappear and often, the more we try to suppress them, the louder they become. Practicing meditation can help clear away the mind’s chatter. Studies have shown that meditating even for as little as 10 minutes a day can increase the brain’s alpha waves (associated with relaxation) and decrease anxiety and depression.

Want to do Yoga?

Yoga is not only exercise or movement of the body, it is a flow for strengthening the body & mind. New studies have shown a high success rate with breathing techniques naturally through the nose, mouth closed, in three distinct rhythms. Yoga postures can improve mood by moving energy through places in the body where feelings of grief and anger are stored. Yoga can turn into a safe place for investigating, expressing, and resolving emotional issues. Often instructors will use encouraging & accepting words, which may also help students defeat self-limiting notions.

What about Creating Better Self Care practices?

Dive into what self care practices you can be using  at home with massage, skincare, nutrition, and positive thoughts. Learn the importance of creating a sacred space at home and how to incorporate certain items for a positive feel in your space.

Cacao Ceremony

Cacao is often said to be the pathway of the heart. Cacao (when served with little to no sugar or other additives) is a superfood, packed with useful minerals and neurological-chemicals that positively affect our mindstate. Ceremonial cacao can be useful to cleanse the liver and release emotions, it also can boost circulation, and because of the alkaloid content, it can help absorb nutrients more efficiently.When multiple people come together to share a cacao experience, the ceremony of mood elevation, increased vitality, enhanced intuition and empathy, and a more open, present heart can take place. Drinking cacao together can bring everyone into the same energetic frequency which can often result in deeper more intimate connection with self and others.

May Ask:

I ask that you not schedule anything else this weekend. I know how easy it is to sneak something in between scheduled sessions or on breaks, but I promise you, you will thank yourself later if you really create this space for yourself and try to get away from distraction. Try to keep use of phones to a minimum, which will enhance your experience to dive deeper.. I know we usually have to be available to family members, friends, children, and significant others. I will not tell you to ignore anyone, I am just wanting to provide you with some space in your mind to soak up what is coming next. 


First night: Orientation, movement, meditation, free talk.

2nd& 3rd day: Experience: yoga, body movement/dance, 2 cooking classes, sound bath X2, meditation X3, self care at home practices session, fire dancing, cacao ceremony.

  • Workbook with worksheets.

  • Recipes

  • Two follow up 1:1 coaching calls with Stepie (The Superfood Goddess) to stay accountable and supported

  • Special offers, freebies, and discounts for attendees with all practitioners.

  • This is a social interactive event to help YOU create peace and serenity at home.

  • Sign up for something that will keep you accountable

Tickets & Pricing:

$299  250 Pay in full  

$333 $255 payment plan

I know these are challenging times, if you need a payment arrangement different than stated above, please email me at: [email protected] and I would be happy to hear how I can serve you and make this a more achievable payment experience for you.

Ticket $250:

All weekend access, 2 Follow up coaching calls (30 min), and a Gift Box

$100 per extra person for a box or $175 for a box with two included follow up coaching sessions

Gift Box (Worth $100)

-Coconut bowl, bamboo straw, Mason jar, Candle, Good vibes room spray, Sage/ Palo Santo, Journal, Pen, Sticker.

-Skincare: DermaE mask, wash, moisturizer.

-Food: Wrawps wrap & Pizza crust with Coconut jerky snacks, GoRaw seeds & granola & cookie snacks, Tea, Realm Protein powder/ snack replacement.

Retreat Essential Box

Healers & Practitioners


Holistic Health, nutrition and Life coach

Stephanie is a Holistic Health, Nutrition and Life coach. She is triple certified in Holistic Plant Based nutrition & Health Coaching, as well as, being 200 RYT yoga alliance teacher trained.

Stephanie specializes in Plant Based Health, mental health, and overall wellness & positive mindset. She does 1:1 and group coaching, teaching cooking classes, and is a recipe developer. She is excited to go on this journey with you and grateful for the opportunity.
If you want to connect further or have questions for the retreat or specific service don't hesitate to reach out, she has plenty of answers and options.


Sound bath and herbalist

Danielle is a trained Sound bath practitioner and herbalist. She is full of knowledge when it comes to connection, relaxation, healing, and using what nature has given us. She will lead us in the healing and transformative effects of sound therapy, starting with a moon meditation that will lead into silence, ceremony, and gratitude.



Is an Acupuncturist and Chinese medicine specialist. Sarah is intuitive when it comes to health and wellness. She creates a safe and healthy environment to relax and unwind while she does acupuncture. She makes wonderful homemade products that can help you with certain muscle tension, ailments, and other things you may be dealing with.


MIJ is an intuitive meditation and yoga teacher. She is all about creating connection, empowering others to live their best lives, and taking care of of their spiritual health.



Maria has the unique ability of harnessing her own practice and teaching expertise to understand both what her students are experiencing and how to guide them through it. Drawing on her Ashtanga and Iyengar background, she offers a dynamic, intelligent moving meditation; a spiritual journey to calm the mind, cleanse the soul, and heal the physical body through traditional yoga postures. She brings a playful energy to the practice while maintaining disciplined focus


Spiritual advisor to women in business and health

Lily is a Holistic health Practitioner & Business Coach for Empowered Women in health & business. She is a wonderful light being, and overall GODDESS of truth, knowledge, and light. She will help you address & obtain your goals, business needs, and help you break through any limiting beliefs. She has knowledge on business, nutrition, spirituality, women's health, astrology, and life path numerology.


Sound Alchemist

Tuesday is an intuitive guide and energy worker. She is a sound alchemist, knowledgable in EFT tapping, she is a mental health advocate, and a podcast host. She is super intuitive and has many grounding gifts to share with the world.

She’ll be doing a session on Cultivating your intuition into a Superpower. Tools and discussion to create more consciousness and mindfulness in your life.

Audra Bear

Holistic health coach

Audra Bear is a Holistic health coach and Breathwork facilitator based in Los Angeles, California.

After years of searching for optimal health by trying all the different diets and routines, she decided to get a formal education in health. After graduating from The Institute of Integrative Nutrition, she began a practice in health coaching.

Audra has been guiding deep, healing experiences for clients and students from around the world for over a year, and says how amazing it is to see the transformation that can take place when you truly begin to heal.

She believes that the breath is the source of life. Without our breath we would not be able to do anything so when you activate your breath, you activate your life and come to truly know health in your mind, emotions, body and spirit.


Holistic stylist

Melanie is a holistic stylist in Sonoma county with a deep love for clean beauty. After choosing to work in an all organic/ sustainable salon, she saw first hand the impact that making simple changes can have on the environment. After becoming a mother she became even more passionate about sharing these practices with the community to empower future generations to live a beautiful and sustainable life.

Melanie will be teaching about ways we can incorporate more consciousness around the products we use at home and how we can recycle & Reuse these products. She will touch upon the waste created by the beauty industry and how to properly transition to cleaner beauty products and how to properly recycle old products. As we make the transition into a more healthy and conscious lifestyle, it is important to be aware of the holistic,
and eco friendly options that we have, so that we can make educated decisions for ourselves and our loved ones.


Nate is an energetic entrepreneur who wraps beautiful jewlery and other handmade peices. He has amazing energy and is very intutive when it comes to other individuals. He also spins fire and LED flow arts in a meditative and playful flow.


Master of Public Health

Sagen Jackson is a purpose driven servant leader.

Her bold yet amiable demeanor has allowed her to collaborate with and lead many teams to success. Some of her most cherished accomplishments include designing a behavioral health program for over 90,000 underserved residents in Austin, Texas. Or building a network of high-quality medical providers to provide medical services for over 3 counties in the San Diego region lacking access. Additionally, during this time she’s also been able to leverage her unique background in women’s sexual and reproductive health and serve on her local breastfeeding coalition board.

When she has free time Sagen enjoys reading, learning and being creative. Spending time with her family and friends while traveling or enjoying a nice meal is also something you may find her induling in. She was raised in Austin, Texas and takes pride in her weirdness aka her uniqueness. Sagen loves connecting with other women who are comfortable with their our unique abilities and unapologetically invest in themselves and their health.

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$299  250 Pay in full  

$333 $255 payment plan

Cancellation Policy

-Full money back guarantee if you don’t feel you got what you needed from the retreat, just email me at [email protected] NO QUESTIONS asked! (minus a $60 service charge)

-Up until 12 days before retreat, 75% money back guarantee. (Due to box & materials already sent out)

-We want you to be happy and feeling set up to tackle the world, if you don’t feel that way, we want to be there for you.