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Welcome To Superfood Goddess Group Coaching

BUILD YOUR CONFIDENCE and continue your journey with me. I will teach you to make better choices and gain resources on how to detox and transform through nutrition with a healthier mindset.

I created this group in order to serve more people. Plant Based Cooking Class, Nutrition & Life Coaching, Guest Experts, and Tools for Implementing Real Life Healthy changes.

Now, more than ever, we need community and support. With a world that is ever changing and with so much knowledge available, it can seem hard or overwhelming trying to decipher what is what. Instead of isolation, we can come here to gather and learn. Instead of sitting with anger, guilt, confusion, overwhelm, or whatever you may be going through, hang with me and others wanting to elevate each other.

During our time together, I will help you understand some of the latest scientific research on nutrition from fiber, detoxification and the liver, to gut/brain health, the role of hormones in metabolism, micronutrients and supplements, how to stock your kitchen, science behind sugar cravings, and so much more!
We will also cover topics of mental health and eating for our wellbeing.

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What I Offer

By joining, you will have access to me and my coaching expertise, LIVE on ZOOM.  You will be able to ask me questions, interact with one another, and listen to some mind changing information.This program starts on a weekly basis, October through December, on Monday evenings at 6:30pm PST (First meeting will be on Tuesday October 6th). If you cannot attend a specific class, the calls will be recorded and available through the following week.

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What You Will Learn From My Group Coaching

Follow Up Group Coaching Newsletter will be sent to your inbox 1x a week. Live classes and Q & A with me four times per month (October-December). Cooking class, breathwork, and mindful exercise and tips. Also, includes Nutrition based meal advice.

Health Coaching

Cooking Class

Yoga, breathwork, meditation

Group Health Coaching : $85/month,
Cooking class x 1 /month : $20/ month,
Yoga/breathwork/meditation X2 : $30/ month.

Monthly  $135 discount to $60

Three Months $405 discount to $180

COVID stay home discount, If you don’t feel connected there is a 2-week money back assurance.

This Group Is Perfect For You..

If you have been feeling lost or overwhelmed, or perhaps having anxiety about what is to come next, you are NOT alone.. If You are someone who is committed to living a healthy lifestyle, and you want more guidance and knowledge to live your most nutritious life, THIS IS FOR YOU. Perhaps you are just beginning your journey to a healthier lifestyle, or you want learn how to incorporate more Plant Based options. Maybe you are already Vegan and feel overwhelmed with the amount of “advice” available out there. Many of you may be suffering from various disease/ disorders, ranging anywhere from skin, heart, autoimmune to diabetes, and having guidance on how to use food and nutrition to feel better mentally and physically is a great way to start! In this informative group setting, with access to stephie, “The Superfood Goddess,” you will learn new ways of expanding your lifestyle. Please join us and let’s Live well together.

Here Are A Few Benefits Of Group Coaching

  • You will get the exact mindset and confidence for your healthy lifestyle in a simple and understandable manner.
  • Having A Like-Minded Group Support System.
  • Higher likelihood of Achieving Your Health Goals.
  • Benefit From Collective Wisdom In Nutrition.
  • Gain A New Perspective About Diet.
  • Time Management With Health Goals And Daily Routines
  • Join Other Like Minds Reaching Higher In Life
  • Getting In Touch With Your Inner Healer
  • Invest In The Success Of A Healthy Lifestyle

What My Clients Have To Say

I’ve had been struggling with high blood pressure and weight issues recently and was in a sad spot when I reached out to Stephanie for help. There is no judgement with Steph. She is pure sincerity with an obvious passion to help people become the best humans they can be. Her coaching has allowed me to lower my cholesterol levels dramatically while maintaining a healthy and diverse menu in our home. If you need a light I your life, she is it.

Mandi R

I don't know where my health would be if I had never met Stephanie. She taught me how to eat, shop, and read labels so I know what I am actually putting in my belly. She is an amazing life coach. Superfood Goddess, I am so thankful for your friendship, thank you so much for helping me. You are an awesome human and please keep helping people.

George S

Stephanie has been an instrumental and incredible wellness coach in my journey to becoming a more conscious and compassionate consumer in a world full of so many food choices. She not only helped develop an easy to follow meal plan and workout plan, but she really listened and gave me tons of support along the way.

-Elle E

Become A Member

Note: This is a THREE month membership. Meetings will be October through December 2020, on Mondays at 6.30 pm PST, with the exception of the first meeting being on Tuesday October 6th. The cost of group coaching is offered to you as a COVID discount due to transformational times. I know we all need support and I want health & wellness to be affordable. If you have 2 friends who would like to join, that you personally recommend, you will get your membership for half off.
When we have completed the three months, we will contact you to check in and see if you’re ready to commit for the next session.