A Guide To Happy Healthy Holiday Season


The holidays are a time for tradition and gatherings. Families, friends, and events often take priority during this time. I realize this year may be very different for many of us, on many levels than one. This period is generally full of love, connection, catching up, and of course, food!

What is not to love right? With food being major focus, this time can actually be a bit hard and people sometimes have a little anxiety over family gatherings because of food options. We have to understand that just because we are aware and practice healthy eating, not everyone else does, not yet at least. Instead of feeling outcast or letting any negative thoughts get in the way, why not offer to bring a dish or host the party at your place, or bring your own food. This is your time to be a good example. It isn’t rude if you have an allergy or a preference to bring your own dish . Then you can enjoy right along side every one.

I wanted to created this recipe book to take some of the pressure off and make your holiday season just a little bit easier.

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